Leeds Media Students is a Leeds University Union society run by and for the students at the School of Media and Communication.
Catering to those on Communication and Media; Digital Media; Journalism; Film, Photography and Media; all related Postgraduate courses; and anyone in the community with an interest in the media.

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3 March 2022 Zine Making Workshop

4 March 2022 Film Screening: Encanto

8 March 2022 Media Futures: Casting for TV

9 March 2022 Research Seminar: Media and the Culture of Illiberalism

11 March 2022 Otley Jog (Otley Run)

15 March 2022 Media Futures: Let's Talk About Race

16 March 2022 Research Seminar: To (not) Grow Up with Television

27 March 2022 Shrek with a Shrexpert

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